Telecoils & Loops

T-Coils Help to Amplify Distant Sounds

A telecoil (t-coil) is a tiny copper coil found in some hearing aids. In its simplest form, it connects a hearing aid directly to the speaker or performer.  In New Mexico venues such as the Albuquerque Little Theater, Hoffmantown Church and Our Lady of Annunciation are set up with loop systems that use t-coils. For a complete list visit

This video clip demonstrates the use of loop technology and t-coils in a church. You can hear the recording with the hearing loop and without the use of the assistive hearing aid. The difference is amazing.

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New Mexico is at the forefront of Looping, due to a strong consumer advocacy movement, part of the Hearing Loss Association of America, Albuquerque Chapter (HLAAbq). In this video, you can watch a panel discussion from “Eye on New Mexico” which touches on loop systems and HLAAbq.

Below are links for more information about T-Coils & Loops. Please call our office if you have any questions.