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Albuquerque Hearing & Balance was founded in 1998 to provide hearing and balance service to Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and Los Alamos areas. Today, we are the leading provider of quality hearing and balance services in Central New Mexico.

We want to change people’s lives.  Hearing loss can slowly change personalities, relationships, even an individual’s outlook on life.  Balance and dizziness difficulties can reduce confidence in day to day activities.  We know how to give people their life back.  The minute you step through our doors you will experience health care as you never have before.  Allow us to far surpass your expectations!

All of our licensed audiologists and physical therapists have a Master’s or Doctorate degree; they also receive ongoing training and education throughout the year so that our guests receive the best care available. Both our clinical and office staff are selected for their positive attitudes and the passion they have for service and care.

Upon choosing us for your hearing care needs, we will explore together how challenges with your hearing affect your family, your job and your social life. Together, we will create the best hearing solution for you. Following our work together, our audiologists and office staff will work hard to personalize your hearing solution over time to change the quality of your life.

Our Doctor of Physical Therapy is the only vestibular rehabilitation specialist in the state of New Mexico to work exclusively with vertigo, dizziness, and balance.  His advanced training in diagnosing and treating a wide range of balance problems allows patients to regain their life and move with confidence once again.

We take our commitment to better quality of life, hearing and balance very seriously. It’s our ultimate goal that any person who works with us has a refreshing, educational, and quality experience.