How to Quickly Adjust Your Hearing Aids

an older woman inserting a hearing aid into her left ear

If you’ve been experiencing hearing loss, then it’s important to schedule an appointment with your audiologist. They’ll be able to determine the extent of your hearing loss and recommend treatment solutions. While there are various methods for improving hearing, the most common solution is to have a hearing aid fitted. These can significantly help to improve a person’s hearing. The audiologist will work with you to ensure that you get a device that’s right for your needs. While a hearing aid can be extremely beneficial to people, it’s important to remember that with any advanced technology, some modifications may be needed. 

And it’s not just that they’ll be needed to fit your specific needs. They’ll be needed for different social situations. You’ll need a different level of hearing when you’re in a crowded bar, as opposed to when you have a one on one conversation with your friend. The good news is that modern hearing aids are designed with these different requirements in mind. It’s just that you may need to make some changes. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few useful tips that’ll allow you to adjust your hearing aids. While there may be an element of trial and error required, eventually you’ll find the settings that are correct for your needs. 

The type of hearing aid

How you adjust the volume on your hearing aid will depend on the type of hearing aid you have. There are some that have automatic volume control. In this instance, you won’t need to do anything, the hearing aid will recognize when a change in hearing capability is required and take care of things for you. 

Tips for manual changes

Even if you do have a hearing aid that’s automatic, there will likely still be an option to do things manually. That’s because while the automatic feature may get things correct most of the time, there will be times when things aren’t right and when you need to make some adjustments. If you take a look at your hearing aid, you’ll notice that there’s a small lever or other buttons. These can be used to simply adjust the level of sound that the hearing aid picks up. Depending on the type of hearing aid that you have, you may hear a beep when the volume is changed. The volume of the beep will reflect whether the sound has been changed lower or higher. 

When to make changes

There’ll be times when you’ll want to make changes to your hearing aid. When will that be? Why, when everything’s too noisy or too quiet. While the automatic feature is useful, there’ll be times when you need something else. If you find that you’re in a social environment and you’re struggling to hear anything, then you can consider altering the volume settings on your hearing aid. Ultimately, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to hearing – it’s all about what works for you in any given moment. 

Learning what’s right for you 

If you’ve worked with an experienced audiologist, then you’ll find that you have a hearing aid that’s most suitable for your needs. However, it’s important to remember that even though the hearing aid will be unique to you, there will still be a period of getting used to the device. It could be that while you will eventually get used to the capabilities of your hearing aid, in the beginning, things might be a little too intense at the beginning. Everything might sound too loud. In this case, it can be recommended to lower the volume and then slowly build up. You’ll also want to consider limiting the amount of time that you use the hearing aids. This will give your brain the time it needs to get used to the sounds. 

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