Hearing Aid Repair

Good maintenance habits prevent the natural degradation of electronic devices. Hearing aids from Albuquerque Hearing and Balance are an investment into better hearing health. By following the care instructions provided by our clinical staff, wearers can keep their devices in the best shape possible.

Maintenance and care

A good rule to follow with any electric device is to keep it away from water and extreme temperatures. Both of these cause long-term problems with even the most durable of hearing aids. When not in use, hearing aids should be stored in a compatible storage case. This prevents them from being sat on, misplaced or misused by curious pets and children.

Common problems

As a habit, wearers should periodically check if the device needs to be cleaned. Earwax builds up and gets caught in and around the hearing aid. This lowers the effectiveness of the sound and eventually destroys the quality of the device. In a worst-case scenario, wax can harden in the tubing and make it difficult to remove without the help of our clinical staff.

When changing batteries, never force the door open or closed. A broken battery door is yet another fix that requires the aid of our staff. If the battery feels like it isn’t fitting, double-check the color and number to make sure it is compatible with the hearing device.

Hearing aid feedback is not always the sign of a broken device. Incorrect settings on the product or the app may be the culprit of this error. This is usually an easy fix by following the instructions in the manual.

Damage that is beyond the technical level of the user needs to be fixed by one of our providers. This is a painless process, with a good number of issues being handled with an in-office repair. If the damage is extensive, the hearing aid is sent off to the manufacturer for a full repair. Loaner hearing aids are offered to affected individuals as a temporary solution.