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OfficeNestled amongst unique and diverse shopping and dining is Albuquerque Hearing Associates, Albuquerque’s premier hearing care center.  At Albuquerque Hearing Associates, we are committed to becoming the leading provider of quality hearing services in Central New Mexico and the greater Albuquerque area.  In recognizing that our primary constituents are our patients and their families, we will attend to them first, surpassing their expectations on a daily basis.
At Albuquerque Hearing Associates, we provide a wide range of services with expert care.  Albuquerque Hearing Associates takes pride in having a highly qualified team of audiologists and office staff.  Our audiologists have a masters or doctorate of audiology, are licensed by the state, and are selected for the passion they have for patients and patient care.  Our audiologists receive ongoing training and education throughout the year so that our guests receive the best care available.  In addition, our office staff are hand selected for their positive attitudes and excellent customer service skills.
Hearing TechOur specialty at Albuquerque Hearing Associates focuses on helping individuals improve their hearing.  Using the latest diagnostic techniques and equipment, we provide thorough testing and state of the art fitting of the most current and up to date digital hearing aids.
Upon choosing Albuquerque Hearing Associates for your hearing care needs, you will receive a personal consultation and evaluation of your hearing.  We will educate you on options for better hearing and only then will we recommend the right hearing solution for you.  This recommendation is based on your hearing ability, the hearing needs of your lifestyle and budget.
Once you choose the best hearing solution for yourself, you will work closely with the audiologists, dispensers and our office staff to assure the success of your hearing aid fitting.  Close follow up and verification of the accuracy of the hearing aids you have chosen are an important part of confirming the improvement in your quality of life.
We take our commitment to better quality of life and hearing very seriously.  Our goal is that whoever chooses us has a refreshing, educational and quality experience.
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.