Hearing aids are not one size fits all. The right solution to correct an individual’s hearing loss is as unique as a fingerprint. In our practice, patients work side-by-side with their audiologists to be certain the hearing aid they are fit with meets their needs.

After the patient and audiologist decide on a device, it’s critical to do post-fitting verification (Real-Ear measurement), to assure that all settings are correct to improve the patient’s hearing as much as possible.

No one hearing device or manufacturer is right for every patient. Every individual’s hearing loss is unique. For this reason, we carry devices from multiple manufacturers. We only work with manufacturers with the highest patient satisfaction, on-going research and development and outstanding customer service. Take a moment and explore what they have to offer.


Recommended Hearing Aids

  • Signia and Siemens: These two brands come together to offer Binaural devices using input from both ears to share and exchange signals to enhance hearing.
  • Oticon: Its Opn technology offers internet and wifi connected hearing devices.
  • Lyric: An invisible extended wear solution placed inside the ear canal that you can wear in the shower and while sleeping.
  • ReSound: Its LiNX2 technology offers connections to iPhones and sound streaming from virtually any source.
  • Widex: It offers hands-free connectivity to multiple devices and assistive hearing devices.

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