Clinical Staff

Jonni Gardey

Doctor Of Audiology

Jonni Gardey joined Albuquerque Hearing & Balance in January 2015. Like many people in New Mexico, she wasn’t born here, but since arriving in 1964, she’s called it home. Jonni completed her Bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders in 1995, her Master’s in Audiology in 1997, and her Doctoral degree in Audiology in 2003. As a veteran of the United States Air Force, Jonni wanted to work with veterans experiencing hearing loss; she did just that at the Albuquerque Raymond G. Murphy Medical Center, from 1997 until retiring in Fall 2014.

Jonni is a welder by trade, having been trained in metals processing by the Air Force in the seventies; after discharge, she taught welding for many years at Albuquerque TVI, now known as CNM. Because of this, she has a keen sense of the damage that noise can do to a person’s hearing. Jonni’s passion is hearing instruments and all the associated devices that can greatly enhance a person’s world. Come see her to discover the possibilities!